You will love the feeling of wearing pantyhose download

You will love the feeling of wearing pantyhose

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I just learned that while doing research to write this post. I found this a few days ago when I went Googling for validation of something I saw on a TV commercial. Is that really a thing? So, ShoeDazzle jumped the gun a bit just nine months to promote its products, but the timing of that commercial was spot-on for me, as it got me wondering all about booties worn with pantyhose, and this ad prompted me to look into the whole idea and write about it here. Hmmmm, let me think … NO. Why do I dislike boots or booties with a dress or skirt? Because it hides too much leg and foot. Style Tips. You hate tights because no matter how careful you are they always manage to rip? Opt for tights that are opaque rather than sheer. Skip nylon tights all together during the colder months and shop for tights in other materials like cotton or merino wool. May 27, - I'm guessing, and I may well be wrong, that you are male, and that you like the way they look on women. If that is true you are just like me and thousands of other  What kind of guys like to wear women's pantyhose? Mar 12, - You can wipe that frown right off your face because I know deep down you love wearing my stockings and panties. You do have to admit you.

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I just love wearing pantyhose. The way they feel. The way they bind me up and pull my part together. Its a shame that there is such a taboo against men wearing pantyhose. Especially buying them. You might be able to hide wearing them underneath your clothes but when you buy them you are exposed. I have no trouble buying a pantyhose - it might as well be for my wife, so I don't feel that I'm exposed when buying them. I totally agree that wearing pantyhoses is lovely and gives me a kick.

I usually wear them under my clothes - as now even at work. I buy pantyhose foe my wife all of the time, as well as feminine napkins. Doesn't embarrass me in the least bit. Of course sometimes they are for my use, but I could care less what the check-out clerk or others in line think. I just love the feminine feeling they give me, I have often been kown to wear them under my trousers into work a real turn on to me. All of the items mentioned above are wonderful Now that its getting colder I plan on wearing them a bit more to keep kinky and warm at the same time.

We had a little bit of cooler weather and I wore black tights under my pants today. My legs were so happy. Panty hose do feel nice and are great for wearing under your pants, but for a real sexy feeling I love thigh high nylons and a garter belt.

Pantyhose i like! Especially L egg's active support. They feel so good. My wife buys mine as I would be too embarresed to go to the shop. We both get a bit of a thrill that she does it.

Yes, stockings and a garter belt are a thrill, but in a different way - pantyhose tights wrap around nicely. You should try expectant mother tights - they have a big bit at the top so you can pull them really high.

You can also try pulling the back bit back through your legs and over the top of your knob so it feels like tight stockings - looks great in a mirror. The old fashioned type that have no lycra are nicer, softer and more give in them. I prefer tan colour, not black. I wear a catheter or external catheter so I need my front exposed, and sometimes the back so I usually wear a garter belt and nylon stockings.

However, Pantyhose are readily available. To wear the pantyhose I slit the pantyhose at the "Y" in front through the or removing the crotch.

I also cut enough out the back to expose the butt cheeks. I like the compression feel of stockings all over my legs rather than just up the calf like men's socks. Since I wear lingerie to work, I wear black tights or opaque pantyhose that look like men's socks, No one can tell the difference. Other contributors have expressed embarrassment at buying pantyhose. Not me. I enjoy getting help from the clerk, engaging another customer in conversation for 'help' selecting my pantyhose.

It is fun to wear them best when you shave that cool feeling you get silky smooth no hair sticking out. I love wearing pantyhose - it's great support for my disposable diaper, and helps secure the diaper more than pants. In addition to make me feel really good while wearing pantyhose without wearing a diaper as well. The chanse of being spotted wering a pantyhose in public adds some extra spice to the situation.

I was flying from Detroit to LA for work with a couple other co-workers. I was wearing a pair of black hose under my jeans, I totally forgot that I had to take my shoes off for security. While standing in line one of my co-workers noticed my pantyhose he didn't say anything at the time, but once we went through security he pushed me into the mens restroom and then into one of the stalls and bent me over the toilet and put his cock into my ass.

Once he was done with me back there he made me clean his cock. He told me not to say anything or he would get me fired. As scared as I was about this, I will be wearing pantyhose to work all the time.

I remember being a kid in grade 7, and being picked as one of the 'village boys' in a play. We had to wear brown or green tights.

But, mom made me wear very thin ones. The other boys had thicker, normal tights. Amazingly, I didn't get a huge amount of abuse from the other guys; they noticed, but it wasn't a big deal. However, this one girl Needless to say, the event has stuck with me, decades later. I have been into pantyhose for along time myself. I enjoyed wearing them and playing with female legs covered in them. I love the fact of a female seeing them on me when I pull my pants or jeans down.

I've worn pantyhose with a tampon in my rear to work before. On a practical note, during the Indo-Chinese war the SEALs and soldiers that had to crawl and wade thru rice paddies and swamps would wear "pantyhose" under their faigues. They would pick up lots of "Leaches," you know, those blood-sucking worms!!

The leaches would try to bite thru the pantyhose but just barely got thru the nylon. When the guys would peel off the hose, there went the leaches!! Saved the hassle of having to individually burn each leach with a lit cigarette to get them to let go of your skin!!!

I have worn pantyhose on occasion but I much prefer stockings and a garter belt. Much more sexy in my opinion. I love wearing pantyhose and tights along with shape wear and all my other sexy slut wear. They feel great, especially if you shave. I always tuck everything back when dressing and it looks and feels so good. A pair of there black or blue tights look great over a pair of suntan with a Maidenform Sweet Nothings light shaper high cut leg panty in White in between.

I too love wearing pantyhose and i would sneak and wear my moms as a young teenager. I am a delivery driver and am on my feet all day long. I have sinced started wearing pantyhose to work and i can feel the difference with the compression they offer on my legs! My legs and feet are not as fatigued at the end of the day. I also decided to shave my legs and i love the feel of my smooth legs and pantyhose!!

My GF loves it too and cant keep her hands off my legs!! Leggs and Hanes in nude are my favs right now. Love the little bit of shimmer they give off in the light!! I have loved wearing pantyhose since I was a little boy. Like most of us I started wearing Mom's and was the beginning of my cross dressing. My wife buys a lot of the cheap ones for me and I don't think they feel is good is back in the day.

But I still enjoy wearing them when I get a chance and I absolutely love the smell of them. For some reason the smell of a fresh new pair is intoxicating and makes me very horny! My wife laughs at me but then she sees my cock it hard and she doesn't have a problem with it. I have found over the years I don't like them as tight as I did as a little boy.

Being exposed for me is part of the rush,at the same time can be embarrassing,,,,,the feel of wearing pantyhose outweighs the embarrassment.

Likely has to do with the era in which I was raised 70ss and societal norms in my motherland. Women typically wore dresses or skirts and covered their legs all the time. I dabbled on only a couple of occasions slipping in to pairs of my mother's hose. Since then I've been fanatical about women's legs clad in nylon and have always had a very small curiosity at the back of my mind. Having the house to myself last night a notion sprang in to my mind from out of the blue as I was about to turn in.

Next thing I knew I was slipping in to a pair of my wife's sheer, barely black hose and making myself comfortable for the night. Waking this morning still wrapped in the sheer silkiness brought a big smile to my face. I simply loved the feeling, even though my legs are hairy.

It's certainly not something I think I would make a habit of, perhaps though only due to lack of opportunity. More power to those of you that do. Enjoy control top pantyhose but prefer a girdle and regular hose.

I want a snug fell on my waist and but. I've worn them in the past on occasion. I've just taken them from my wife's dresser drawer and returned them.


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    Do you like the feeling of pantyhose and nylon rubbing together when wearing them? Update Cancel. a d b y N u r x. Why do you love wearing pantyhose, stockings or nylon tights? Yes I love that feeling. I love it when they rub together when I walk in short shorts and pantyhose, I love it even more when I’m sitting at home and I cross.

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    What do pantyhose feel like when you wear them? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 31 Answers. Timmy Taduchi, especially going upstairs and this almost gives the same feeling as when you first put them on. caressing so much of my body at the same time and that felt really good. That was thirty odd years ago, and I still love wearing pantyhose.

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