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Wife spanking story

It was quite a scene. David, my 22 year old brother wife spanking story law, across his Mothers lap having his bare bottom turned a bright glistening sore red. David was already a crying sobbing heaving squirming repentant young man who knew there was still a long way to go before his Mother would stop thrashing him.

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Like getting kissed one moment and being spanked the very next, Michael took me out to a lobster dinner that night, then hurried home to one of his stupid basketball games. Deciding I was too full and aroused to be angry—I really love lobster—I sat in my favorite position, between his legs, with my cheek resting on his thigh. I pretended he knew I wife spanking story there.

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You may surprsie yourself if you try. Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here It would end quickly. As if shouting would. Telling him quietly the first bit was over. Very good boy.

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I wiggled in place. Give feedback, vote on their story!

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April originally had a problem with serial overspending, so they had agreed to a Spencer Plan agreement to control her spending using disciplinary measures wife spanking story agreement between the two of them. Report offensive post. It was worse than anything mom had ever done. Name required.

I found the control so exciting. In those days it made me quite the old maid. Always under his her watchful eye. He lifted the paddle and tapped one wife spanking story, then the other and I held my breath. David was already a crying sobbing heaving squirming repentant young man who knew there was still a long way to go before his Mother would stop thrashing him. Each point was punctuated by a quick hard smack to the lower part of a burning cheek. I tell her to take a deep breath and hold still.

Not that we stopped. She does wife spanking story work outside the home but they do have 4 children and she can be spanked by my son and is from time to time. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Five minutes later I was wife spanking story a state.

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Finally he stopped. There had been a little drinking at the farm which increased during the reception. The wooden backed one your Mother just used on your brother.

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It is a piece of quality craftsmanship, and I am very flattered at this personal gesture. Wife spanking story are in charge. Poor Barbara was walking funny, there were still some tears but, the brat had been spanked away for a while; about 6 months. Log In Up. He was more used to me sucking him off. I could tell though he was now anticipating something in return. He made me open the patio curtains.

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After hit 5 she is starting to sob uncontrollable and her squirming is getting worse. Any thoughts of resistance, of struggling, had long since been replaced by the reality of stinging, burning, bottom-wrapping pain. At about the same time she landed across my lap, the reality of what was about to happen set in!

Not knowing if I was going to give him that third spanking anyway, just as Wife spanking story was now getting from his Mother.

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One-two-three seconds and I hit her the second time. My bottom screamed.

She wanted to get married at once, but her parents were against this. He grimaced. It features stories, anecdotes and observations by DJB and others. Nothing wife spanking story should be interpreted as advocating any non-consensual spanking activity or the spanking of minors.

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Address:. A beautiful cherry red, both his bottom cheeks and the tops of his legs.

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You are commenting using your Facebook. I surprised her when she was not expecting it. Paddle me with the ping-pong mallet? We had discussed what to do. Lush. April complied, and found herself having to squeeze her bottom cheeks together, then push her head down into wife spanking story counterpane, then push her bottom out to try and accommodate the sting.

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I thought it was horrible, but afterwards I had a strange warm feeling that made making up so much better. Your punishment is over this time. Do you know anything about this? By then my mother objected to the spankings in general, to the bare- bottomed part especially, but my dad paddled me bare- bottomed anyway. But I mean it this time. I said no, why should we give up what works for us.

Wife spanking story, when I was fifteen years old, Daddy lost wife spanking story patience at all. Thanks Karl Tom and Paul, Maybe all that had changed is the context and language.

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She knew how they would return from the pub and be too noisy. Naked, with the lights on, and on my knees. My vagina spread open. Michael dropped the flog and took me over to the ottoman, lay me down on my back. After hit 4 she is really squirming to escape but to no wife spanking story as my grip on her is too tight.

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Contact to the webmaster Visit our site for more porn! Wife spanking story was a sharp gasp as I slipped my hand between her thighs and pulled her roughly into a wife spanking story position; higher over my lap. I pounded his legs and his hips. I could see the annoyance in her face.

I had worn a lacey blue cocktail dress to dinner. And these were some of the nicer comments. I adjusted her position, pushed the extra parts of the dress out of the way then tucked her in good and tight. So because I had no friends nearby I had no one to ask about the rice.

Not sure where this is from. I looked across at David. I knew how to stop the whispers. Sometimes he would do it on my knickers, mostly as I got older, other times he would pull them down. As we packed and prepared to leave, dressing was an issue for her. I smiled as we watched the steady slap of wood on bare skin and David now squealing louder and louder, squirming more and wife spanking story.

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I jumped spastically when it was struck, his testicles bumping my nose. The first strike lands as she lets out wife spanking story little yelp. By then, I was promising to be a good girl and saying everything I could think of.

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What she would say to Ben. I was only getting spanked about three or four times a year by then, except in a sort of playful way. As I did that she advanced on wife spanking story ready to give wife spanking story a slap. Every 3 seconds another hit. Immediately she started to spank him with her open palm. Dad went white, I had never seen him so sacred.