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Farmers daughter and her sister


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You are now viewing Redtube in English. Offering exclusive content not available on RedTube. Sign Up Login. Trending Searches. Main Home. Porn Videos. This site requires a JavaScript enabled browser. During a bitter court battle, Eirian Davies fought for a share in Caeremlyn Farm near Whitland, Carmarthenshire, after her parents changed their will. See also: Tips on succession planning. The Farmers Daughter's Sister (Farmer Chromicals) - Kindle edition by Desi Northup. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Apr 17, - The Farmer's Daughters was released September by the written by Lloyd Lonergran who was married to Gertrude Thanhouser's sister.

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You are now viewing Redtube in English. Offering exclusive content not available on RedTube. Sign Up Login. Trending Searches. Main Home.

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I was journeying back, through majestic hills, verdant valleys and fairy-tale villages to my sadistically dreary homestead. My first year of college had been an amazing experience. Getting away from my mom, who can be quite a pill at times, and our desolate farm had changed my world view entirely. Mostly, to a much cheerier one. She had become increasingly anti-men and anti-fun since my father had run away with a woman who was capable of smiling. When my sweet little Johnny picked me up at the station, he seemed different.

Was that aftershave I smelled? The world was definitely marching on. At the ripe old age of 17, Johnny was maturing into a pretty hunky looking guy. The ladies were going to eat him for dinner and visa versa if he was lucky , once he got to a big city.

That is if he got to go to a college where they allowed ladies. My sex life, when I was going to high school, consisted of watching the goats and pigs fuck each spring Not each other, of course. Ours was a respectable barnyard. I used to wank myself senseless as they snorted and baa-ed their way to bestial ecstasy. My first glimpse of her was a little startling.

Those movies were the height of entertainment around our house because they A: Mom had lost quite a bit of weight but she still dressed like impoverished Quaker. Our evening meal was as dour and deafeningly quiet as I remembered them but the menu had been altered. We used to eat meals that would choke the Kardashian sisters.

Big helpings of low quality beef and enough spuds to make and Irishman sick but this table was laden with salads and fruit and whole wheat bread! Most strange. When I got up to put my dishes in the sink, my mother was giving me the evil eye.

Something was up. There is no darker shade of red known to man than the one I blushed at that moment. She angrily grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me across her knee. Up went the back of my skirt and down came the meat of her hand onto my butt cheeks. Man, that hurt. The hem went up higher. Stop hitting me so hard. That was a little unfair. I was still a virgin — after and an entire year of college! Still, I remained derriere-illy exposed and bent over her lap so I concluded that it was best not to quibble.

This was quickly becoming some sort of hellish Bates-Motel-like nightmare. Johnny nervously complied. I could feel his penis resting against my ass as he got clumsily into position. He had it pushed up against my naked and pretty yummy, if I do say so myself cheeks and every time she whapped him, it caused a certain back-and-forth motion, that only made matters worse. A couple more hand-paddles and he was fully erect. I opened my legs slightly to allow his member to drop down closer to my entertainment center.

It had to have been a fairly good size because the head of his cock was rubbing across my labia and vaginal opening. As it slid back and forth through a thick layer of pre-orgasmic pussy ooze, I was sorely temped to reach back and guide his fuck stick inside me. After three more flesh ripping smacks his punishment and my unintended incestuous treat was brought to a halt.

Or so I thought. When Johnny was finally allowed to get off me, he was sporting a beautiful ten-inch woody. My mother was not amused, nor an admirer.

He looked apologetically over at me and started to rub his shaft up and down. I could have cried; I was so mortified for him.

Luckily, it got worse. Do you think about women? Naked women? Johnny just nodded his head as he continued to obediently stroke that impressive tool. I was totally ashamed that I found it to be so mesmerizing and unbelievably hot.

There was no way this was going to be a good thing. Do it! My lip actually wobbled as I undid my blouse and took off my bra. Johnny, bless him, averted his gaze. I could tell in an instant that they had a major effect on his frame of mind.

His penis stroking became more intense and his breathing quickened. I watched his balls bounce around as he pounded away on his rod. And then I looked deep into his eyes as his orgasm started to build. Watching a man perform this act in front of me made the inside of my skull tingle. I was as wet as a Sea World exhibit as he neared the end of his wank. His hand was a blur by now. The complete and desperate abandonment of self in rabid pursuit of sexual release almost made me want to start masturbating in front of my mom.

Suddenly, he let out these gaspy cries and pointed his cock towards my mother. The rush I felt between my legs as the rich creamy goo spurted out of his penis and pooled in her palm was almost overwhelming. After a few more strokes, my brother had finished making his breathless deposit and stepped away from her like she was made out of fire ants.

Men wanting to put this garbage inside you. Well, that was certainly a pleasant first dinner home. She was on the warpath about preventing me from succumbing to the unforgivable sin of self-abuse. Personally, I was dying to succumb…with the emphasis on the cum part.

After that performance in the dining room, I was randy right up to the eyeballs. Her bed was rather snug, so there was no way that I could sneak a quick wank in. She would have woken straight up and spanked me within and inch of my life. In the morning, my Mommy Dreariest laid down the law.

She said that we were both sexual reprobates and needed to reform before we contracted horrible diseases and all our hair fell out. Johnny was to be allowed one wank a day, right after dinner, because he was a man and total suppression of his carnal cravings could lead to insanity. I, on the other hand, was a girl and needed no such physical accommodation.

From that moment on, our lives were not our own. We even had to shower together. The three of us! We were not allowed to wash any of our naughty parts. Mom alone was allowed to soap them up and rinsed them clean. It was impossible not to become somewhat aroused in that small shower stall The three of us rubbing up against each other with our soapy skin. And having someone put their hand between my legs and slither their fingers into all my nether nooks and crannies?

Double yowsa! By the time the hot water stopped, I was half-way to an orgasm. I know how it felt, my clit was screaming for a creaming. And oh, how I envied him those orgasms. Then it was off to bed with my achingly wet pussy and mom. By the end of the first week, my leg and pelvic muscles ached from being so pumped full of fuck-me blood.

So there I sat one night, with my tits hanging out, watching my brother whack his jack when the phone rang. It felt so unbelievably fantastic having that huge schlong sliding back and forth between my lips. I used my right hand to vigorously message his veiny shaft while my left hand was whapping my soaking wet quim into a souffle. Johnny gently swept the hair out of my eyes as I jammed as much of him as I could fit down my throat.

He let out a moan of pure sensual delight. I grunted, with a mouthful of cock, like a rutting walrus. Then he reached down and grabbed a hold of my tits.

Oh yes! Feel them puppies up bro!

Farmers daughter and her sister

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    I was journeying back, through majestic hills, verdant valleys and fairy-tale villages to my sadistically dreary homestead. My first year of college had been an amazing experience.

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