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Caged sissy in nylons sounding her clitty

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Click "Go to Site" to see the original site, or click "Cancel" to close this dialog and go back to Sex. Relevance Sissy Chastity Pics Sort: Sissy Chastity. Chastity Sissy. Smooth sissy legs and chastity cage. I had to stand there frozen as he pulled back my diaper and peeked inside. My face flushed at the humiliation of having my diaper checked like a 2 year old…. All clean! He reached around and grabbed the front of my diaper roughly while i squirmed. He squeezed the crotch, groping my tiny caged cock inside as the soggy diaper crinkled and squeaked. I hated this Daddy. XVIDEOS Caged sissy in nylons sounding her clitty free. Caged sissy in nylons sounding her clitty - Free XNXX Porn Videos, Play Online XXX XNXX Videos, Download Sex XNXX Videos, Mobile Porn XXX Xnxx.

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Good girl for following the rules and listening four times before attempting a wonderful diddle-free sissygasm sweetie: Remember that it's ok to slip up as long as you keep trying and resolve to do even better next time. I can't wait to see the effects that longterm chastity has on your silly little mind sweetie - it's obvious that it's already having a significant effect after just a few days so it's exciting to think about the possibilities a few weeks or even months from now!

So happy with you for giving it your all and committing to the diddle-free lifestyle hun: Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx. You're welcome sweetie: Oh Goddess I think we both know that my weak mind will end up exactly how you described Why am i writing this in public? Do i need the embarassment? Maybe i am looking for COCK? Can i cuff my hands for the 4 listens, or is that cheating? Oh my god why am i writing this?

Oh dear, snowstorm tonight in NE US. Such a fantasy of mine to get girly and entice a real man to shovel my sidewalk then invite him inside to properly thank him with a beer and my mouth The point being Goddess, what a time to not diddle!!!

Aww, I know you're going to be a good girl for me and try your very bestest sweetie - that's all anyone can ask: To answer your question: I think sissies who follow the rules without physical restraints such as cuffs and cages will get the most out of it, but it's acceptable for particularly weakminded sissies to utilize tools to make it a little easier for them.

Hi sweetie and welcome: So wonderful to hear that you successfully listened to the file four times in one night without diddling or making spurties like a silly little sissy who can't control her urges. It's perfectly natural that listening and abstaining from diddles would lead you to want to be more feminine and girly. Many sissies who commit to No More Diddles will find that they enjoy being their little selves dressed up all pretty more than ever, now that all of their wonderful estrogen isn't being wasted anymore.

Sissies will likely find that they desire to dress up for hours and even days at a time when they are going diddle-free and that will just be so much fun for you all, just remember to stay safe like a good girl: Stay in touch sweetie and keep us all updated on your progress: Hello, i listened to this wonderful file last night and it is really powerful; I would really encourage any sissy who is a little scared by the content You'll do fine: I will admit to diddling my little clitty while listening to some of Goddess Gracie's other files.

I find it really hard not to touch my clit when she starts talking about cock. I just get so horny I've been listening to Goddess Gracie's files for almost five years now and each file has it's own special place in my heart.

I did dress before when i was teenager and dated women or tried to I do love the regular sissy stuff I love them both very dearly and i really really enjoy being friends with Lovely Ladies!!! It one of my favorite things about being a sissy;. Good girl Roxane: It's wonderful that you've been one of my most devoted little sissies for some time now sweetie.

Of course such a mincing little sissy would enjoy her platonic friendships with nice ladies - how adorable: Aww, hi babs: You're welcome sweetie.

I know you'll be one of the most committed sissies when it comes to being a good diddle-free girl for life. The prosthetic vagina sounds very appropriate for you my sweet little honeypie. Hello Goddess, I know that while listening it is encouraged to be diddle free without the use of a chastity cage on my little sissy clit, but my daddy always wanted to have his little sissy's pathetic wee wee locked up in a cute little pink cage.

Daddy says it's another way of saying that I am nothing but a slutty little sissy girl who has no need for her little clitty to be touched or get hard in the slightest and it fills my tummy with warm flutter whenever I think of it.

Is it still better to be diddle free without the clitty cage or when I am keeping my daddy's cage on like a good girl? Good sissies should always do as they're told by big strong men sweetie.

Chastity devices are perfectly acceptable to use, it's just my personal feeling that sissies gain more out of being diddle-free when they mentally restrain themselves, rather than be physically restrained.

I don't discourage sissies from using a cage, but I don't actively encourage doing so either: I want to get this file sooo bad! But I'm scared I'll never be able to get hard for my wife again. I want to make her happy, but I also know that I'm a total sissy slut with a limp little bitch clit! Aww, just follow your heart sweetie and do what you feel is right for you: You are so right, Goddess Gracie, about remaining diddle free while also being cage free is a complete and total mind fuck that makes this princesses' estrogen soar and makes me so sparkly when I am obedient and only have sissygasms.

I also sparkle when I wear my gaff and feel sooooo girly when my tiny clitty is safely tucked away and my ovaries are where they belong, inside my body like a good girl. This is the besties feeling in the world, when I am nice and smooth in the front, allowing me to focus on more important things like cooking, cleaning and becoming the best girly girl I can be.

It is also a reminder that I can never truly please women with such a tiny clitty. Thank you for helping us girls reach our full potential. She even made me kiss His feet and to pictures to blackmail me with if i ever disobey Her or Him. This should be required listing for every sissy on the planet. This file is super powerful on it's own, yet when combined with the diddle free mantras file it is a complete sissy-transformation system.

I am forever indebted to your creative-genius and your love. Thank you very much! With Love Eternal, Karla. Dear Goddess Gracie, Your diddle free series has transformed my life in a marvelous way that all 13 therapists never could.

You know that I am a pathological sissy and you know what is best for me and my eternal happiness. The therapists and myself were in denial of who and what I am. I feel free and happier than I have ever been in my whole life. I am You have transformed me from the inside out. Your "Acceptance" file made a huge difference in my life. Yet, I still struggled with "I have a penis" identity.

I have been listening to "diddle free", "diddle free mantras" and the "eternally limp mantras" for several weeks and my "mindset" has never been better. I feel indescribably wonderful. Please know that "you have saved me from my life from misery".

Acceptance and ATS had a wonderful impact on me, and your latest files fit inside my psyche like a key in a lock after those marvelous files. I am handsome, muscular, and have a nice cock clit , BUT I am a pathological sissy. Your files have given me freedom to finally accept myself and my deepest desires as they are. You will never know how wonderfully you have transformed my life because words alone could never express the joy I feel. Hiii Goddess Gracie. I'm absolutely in love with the sound of this file.

This is totally the type of sissy I'd love to become. I am just in the first week of my 4th month of HRT now, and I can feel myself being pulled toward sissyhood day by day.

Its oh so exciting but also a little scary too. Its like the line from The Cranberries song Dreams: Oh my life is changing everyday, in every possible way. I had a couple questions though, because I don't have sissy friends or a mistress who's educated in raising a sissy: And when were allowed to have a self induced sissygasm twice a week, we are allowed any means accept clitty stimulation to get there? Thank you so much Goddess Gracie!

Leave a pretty comment sweetie. Don't be afraid to express your deepest feelings. Friday, March 17, New File: No More Diddles. You are embarking on an exciting journey with me sweetie as you commit fully to permanent chastity - with or without a clitty cage or other such device. In some ways it's actually better for little sissies to keep away from their precious tiny clitties without the use of a device that physically prohibits them from doing so, as this is much more beneficial for their little minds when they are able to resist touching their little wee-wees longterm, even without necessarily being caged.

The important thing is that you keep trying and never give up sweetie. You will be driven to keep yourself occupied over the coming weeks and months sweetie and one of the many benefits of saying bye-bye to diddles is that you'll have a lot more energy to spend on more productive things - including girly girl BFF gossip sessions, beauty treatments, salon visits, mani-pedis , and a whole lot more.

Yes sweetie, your increased estrogen as the result of abstaining from diddles will result in the enhancement of your feminine energy and aura , something that nice ladies are sure to notice about you which will lead to wonderful platonic friendships with all the pretty girls who would never have sex with a little sissy in a million years. You know that where real men have large heavy testicles full of testosterone sweetie, sissies have precious little ovaries that are filled with estrogen.

Over the course of your diddle-free journey, you'll observe that your little ovaries will get a little swollen and feel more and more full with each passing day that you abstain like a good girl.



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