Boss to bimbo-part 2 sissy transformation Part 8

Boss to bimbo-part 2 sissy transformation

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Gordon Goodwell had acquired a nice little collection of nicknames since losing the family business, and all transfofmation dignity to Rachel Sinclaire several months ago. Miss Boss to bimbo-part 2 sissy transformation, as her corporate identification card now read, was usually used for more formal occasions like bimbo-pagt and board meetings.

Sinclaire did without such formality in the office or at her bimbo-parh three-level city loft where Pinkie spent several hours each day polishing hardwood floors and ironing clothes on her off time.

Pinkie, or Miss Pinkie, was Rachel's new favorite. Rachel knew she hated it, but there was nothing she could do now. Miss Panties was another, first blurted out by Ms. Singleton, after which Rachel and she giggled in hysterics between sips of their morning coffee.

Miss Panties just cringed and gritted her teeth adding another sugar to Ms. Singleton's cup on demand. Katie McCaulley in advertising preferred "hot bottom. McCaulley delighted in transfromation Miss Pinkie about her wardrobe interrupting her daily trips to fetch Ms. Sinclaire's inter-office mail. You must tell me where you got them," Katie would smile seeing Pinkie teetering by in her latest pair of stiletto high heels.

It made her stomach churn, but Miss Pinkpanties would dutifully reply with full details -- where she got them, how many pairs she tried on, how well they coordinate with her outfit, whether they were on sale or if a matching нажмите для деталей was transformxtion.

She just couldn't quite get a grip on all the slippery file folders. They were slipping out of her hands and falling Boss to bimbo-part 2 sissy transformation over the floor at her feet. Holding onto much anything proved quite difficult. Rachel insisted that Pinkie maintain perfectly manicured, very long fingernails with three appointments at the manicurist each week.

Are you ready yet! Panties was finally getting the better of the errant files when another one slid off the top of the Boss to bimbo-part 2 sissy transformation. She lunged forward in haste to catch the run-away sheath of papers and all the others went down in a single fluid motion. Papers went sprawling in every direction on the slick marble foyer. Her sudden forward motion proved too much for her decidedly low-cut dress to handle.

Both bulbous breasts popped out from under their hiding place. Just look at what you've done, doll! The least you can Boss to bimbo-part 2 sissy transformation is carry my papers across town without so much nonsense! She recalled the moments when Gordon Goodwell's face turned fire red and some insubordinate had to endure fifteen minutes of nonsensical spit showered screaming.

She wouldn't give Pinkie the satisfaction of letting her know she had triggered a nerve. It was much more fun, and satisfying, to endlessly humiliate her underling. Pinkpanties' too short hemline and carelessly stuffed breasts didn't escape notice in the crowded uptown hotel lobby.

Desperately clinging to her paperwork, she instinctively tried delicately to pull her skirt down a centimeter or two, which proved impossible. She nervously glanced about as источник another group of men passed by, their eyes either ogling her tightly wrapped behind or openly staring at her ample cleavage, or both.

Wondering if her panties were on display, she gulped and tugged yet again at the hemline in vain. Over the past few months, this new life had become routine at the office, but Rachel's insistence on taking her out in public was often too much for Panties to get used to. This time it would be quick and soon they'd be secluded in the elevator and on their way to a private room.

The weekly afternoon trips to the department store and hours of trying on new g-strings, high heels, and lipstick were more than Pinkie could stand. Rachel never passed up an перейти на источник to tell Gordon Goodwell's story to a curious salesgirl. Stop fidgeting with yourself. Just look at how these gentlemen are checking you out!

Siss Goodwell could become such a pretty little thing and turn guy's heads like that," she smirked. Pinkie turned two shades of crimson red. The self-conscious tugging of her hemline had drawn her dress low enough to reveal half a stiff nipple and draw even more attention from the crowd.

Rachel loved it when Panties got herself into more trouble. She smiled at the others near the lift. Pinkie bit her lower lip and closed her eyes wishing she was somewhere else, somewhere safe.

Hearing her former name in public sent shivers down her spine and memories of what once was flooding into her mind. She opened her eyes to look at the floor hoping the busy lift had arrived, but her immediate attention was quickly diverted to the tent poles forming in the gentleman's pants. Good girl! Some of the men turned quickly in embarrassment and shot their hands in their pants pockets.

Startled but relieved, Pinkpanties hurried in after her boss still tugging at her hemline and almost letting the purse slip off her shoulder. The doors slid shut and she took a deep breath to calm her embarrassment. Good afternoon So nice to see you! Still lightly gripping Rachel's hand, Mr. Kato's attention, and that of the other three gentlemen in the room, was firmly fixed on the pretty blonde standing next to her.

Kato a better view of the demure girl behind her. Panties felt hot in the skimpy clothes and very uncomfortable. She tried unsuccessfully to hide behind the mass of papers in her quivering hands. Nervously glancing in no particular direction, trwnsformation felt violated by the lusty leers from Boss to bimbo-part 2 sissy transformation glassy eyed men standing in the room. She shifted side-to-side teetering in the extra high heels Rachel picked Boss to bimbo-part 2 sissy transformation for the meeting.

Her recognition of the men assembled in the room was unmistakable making matters worse. The year previous, these same men were sitting in the top floor conference room at Goodwell Industries and the company president, Gordon Goodwell, was laughing at the paperwork spread out trnasformation the table. Is it even a company? I'm afraid you've wasted a long tk over here," Goodwell half pushed the papers back and slung his feet on the table. You've seen the figures and production output. We stand to make millions!

A fool would turn down this offer! Kato exclaimed storming out of the conference room. Kato stopped staring long enough to say, "We are very pleased to meet you and your lovely assistant," he added, unable to peel his eyes away from Sissu abundant cleavage, "It is a shame we were not able to do business last year, but at least I see that Goodwell Industries is now in more capable hands, Ms. There was no way to be sure that Rachel had told the men from Sikko Manufacturing her little bimboo-part.

None of them glinted any recognition at first glance. To make the situation more unbearable, the evident thirsting attention she was receiving bimbo-lart all eyes in the room was intolerable. She had never experienced such a nasty look-over, even during the worst situations Rachel created. It was as if she was nothing more than an object for their amusement.

In the office the men had playfully ogled her, stealing a few quickies up her skirt now and then, but nothing as terrifying as this. These men were like Boss to bimbo-part 2 sissy transformation, predators hunting prey.

She shivered uncontrollably and Boss to bimbo-part 2 sissy transformation to Rachel. Kato and his associates here have graciously agreed to meet us and give us this opportunity to showcase our services and expertise. Don't worry about them dear," Rachel grinned conspiratorially, "Like most men, they're just admiring a pretty little girl like you, sweetie. I'm not really You will do as you're told," Rachel chided.

Pinkpanties stood awkwardly, knees shaking, clutching the small handbag near her crotch trying to hide her emerging erection. Not again, she thought. The medicine Rachel had given her was tingling her cock and causing it to stiffen. There was little the thin tight dress material could do to conceal it. Eyes downcast, she blushed as another man made another rude comment getting closer to her. Sinclair was busy with the others making small talk and laying out the papers Panties had carried over on the table.

She paid no attention to Pinkie and her worsening situation nearby. The other two men transgormation the room not involved in tranformation direct negotiations drew closer and stripped Pinkie naked with their eyes. She swallowed hard in unanswered desperation. Her eyes darted over to Rachel, her only protector, by now fully engrossed in the discussions, arms waving animatedly to make a point.

There was no rescue. The months of transformation transvormation made Pinkie incapable of doing much of anything on her own. She was completely dependant on Rachel. For a moment she thought about a quick escape out the door, down the elevator and back to the office. That would mean walking sixty-eight blocks dressed like a two-dollar whore in heels already wearing out her legs. A taxi, even a city bus was out of the question.

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